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A 2CV 6 Special of 1985

Completly restored, she will suit perfectly for all your events.


Welcome aboard!

"Passionate about old cars, I would love to drive you aboard my 2CV convertible that will be yours during a day or a half day".

Christian Toche, 

Owner and 2cv driver


Guided tour

The regional natural park of the Chevreuse valley

Located just thirty kilometers south-west of Paris, it's one of the main predominantly rural parks in the Ile de France area.

It is characterized by the presence of pretty preserved villages, several castles and estates, as well as ancient Cistercian abbeys.

To the west, the Rambouillet National forest is the largest in the Yvelines department and the 2nd largest in the Ile de France. This natural park has an exeptional architectural and landscape heritage.

This park was crossed by the riders of the 2019 french tour!

The park in figures:

It's covers 633 km². It Ihas a total of 110,026 inhabitants , 51 towns of Yvelines and Essonne.

A wedding? an event?

Dare !

Be original and attract the sympathy of all your guests with this mythical car! 

I propose you for this exceptional day to invite to the party this pretty 2CV whose red/ivory alliance will suit perfectly!

For the sunny days enjoy the sun roof and let yourself wear hair to the winds!

Services included

Availability for a duration to be agreed together in order to ensure your transport in all your travels: place of ceremony, party room, photo shooting, and so on.
I would personally take on the role of your driver safely considering that car insurance covers passagers.
I leave it to you to manage the supply and the choice of the car decoration that we can install together.
I travel within 40 km of this place, mainly in Essonne and Yvelines departments.
Please feel free to share with me any specific requests that I would consider with you.

2cv heureuse4.png

Information and booking


​Tél : 06 08 40 35 08

Opening hours


Monday - Friday : 9h00 - 20h00

Saturday : 9h00 - 19h00

Sunday : 10h00 - 20h00


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